Wilder Walk

Public Art Installation
by the artist Daniela Schönbächler
London | United Kingdom


The artwork Timelines a large scale permanent installation (23m x 3.2m), formed from multiple layers of glass and incorporating a sequential LED light composition, creates a seemingly limitless depth within one side of the walk. The continually evolving interaction between glass and light transforms the surrounding space, offering the viewer an everchanging experience as they pass through the walkway.


Open to interpretation by the viewer, the artwork creates the illusion of naturalistic environments yet is formed from contemporary materials and technologies. This seeming contradiction is for Schönbächler a metaphor for the contemporary human condition.



Auftraggeber: Daniela Schönbächler

für Crown Estate London

Künstlerin: Daniela Schönbächler

Projektierung und Ausführung: 2010-2011

Projektleitung: Claudio Holdener 

Standort: Regent Street, Quadrant 3, London UK